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"SuperCrema is a luxe facial night cream, when I
use it overnight, it naturally builds up my skin's
defences and leaves it plump and glowing the day
after." - Cindy, Middleton

"I apply this all over my face on long flights to keep
my skin hydrated." - Christy, Houston

"A truly wonder cream! I have tried many creams
and lotions, but they are all watery and do not
deeply nourish my skin. When I tried SuperCrema,
my skin was nourished and moisturized, and I can
use it for multiple uses." - Alena, Boston

"SuperCrema has always been a must in my
beauty routine. I use it to restore my hair from
environmental damages, on my skin to prevent fine
lines and give a healthy, flawless look. I'm fifty
years old and those are my secrets to you."
Christina, Rochester

"All I can say is "WOW"! I used it on my hands
which rapidly looked years younger since they
were finally getting hydrated, not just moisturized.
Then I thought I'd try it around the delicate eye
area because (a) who doesn't want to look better in
that area and (b) my swim goggles always make
me look tired from the circles. Oh my gosh! The
circles disappear within minutes, instead of hours
and I have also seen a noticeable difference in fine
lines too. This is a true miracle cream! Forget
spending all the extra money on the latest high
dollar lotions and potions to look years
younger...this is the bomb! I sure wish I had taken
before and after photos." - Gayle, Miami

"I've been struggling for years with dry, cracked
skin on my feet -- I've tried several other products
over the years with minimal effect. In the last couple
of weeks I've been applying your SuperCrema daily
after showering. It's awesome! My feet haven't
looked and felt this good in years. I don't know
which of the ingredients is doing the trick, but
you've definitely got something right with this one
for sure! Thanks!" - Jennifer, Charleston

"Head to Toe Moisture? SuperCrema on my whole
body. Use this multi-purpose balm for chapped lips,
cracked hands, burns, blemishes, scars, dry skin,
rough elbows, rashes, insect bites and about 20
other skin and hair maladies. This ancient remedy
made from organic olive oil, beeswax and almond
oil to heal just about anything - except a broken
heart. But if it can give your skin the same glow,
who needs love anyway?" - Denise, Cambridge

"I couldn't be happier, this cream can be used for
almost anything: shaving, waxing, moisturizing,
removing make-up, on insect bites, rashes ... the
list goes on " - Vanessa, Ontario, Canada

I found SuperCrema while I was in Italy on vacation,
my hands were dry and cracked, so the pharmacist
recommended it. I am very happy I can buy it here
in the US" - Maria, New York

"I just made a new order on the website, I really
love your products. Our son has really bad eczema
and SuperCrema works perfectly for him. After
years of searching for a solution, we finally found it!
Doctors always prescribed medical creams with
cortisone but it only makes the skin thinner and
thinner. So thank you for developing this natural
cream!" - Donna, Los Angeles

I just wanted to share with you how much I love
SuperCrema. Most of my adulthood, I have
suffered from dry, cracked, rough heels. Finally...!!
this is the ONE product that softens them and
makes them look pretty again! Olive Oil is a
powerful ingredient. Thank you so much for this
product! Thank you for bringing my feet
long-deserving relief and softness!" - Natasha, NY
SuperCrema® Skincare is Italy's most
potent and precious bio-natural creamy
balm for face & body. SuperCrema focuses
on the amazing benefits of its 100% all
natural ingredients: Italian Organic Extra
Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, and Sweet
Almond Oil  - rich in antioxidants vitamins A,
B, K and E and in anti-aging properties.
SuperCrema is formulated with the highest
grade and purest Italian organic extra virgin
olive oil that is up to 85% of the entire
formula, which results in a super creamy
balm that deeply moisturizes, nurtures and
intensively hydrates the skin. SuperCrema
is for the entire family. It is indicated for all
skin types, and especially suitable for very
dry, sensitive and mature skins; and gentle
for baby skin too! SuperCrema is produced
in Italy by BluEder.
You Must Try SuperCrema! 
SuperCrema® Skincare
- 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive  Oil
- Beeswax and Sweet Almond Oil
- Natural Anti-Aging Properties
- 100% All Natural Ingredients
- Natural Antioxidants
- Potent Anti-Aging Skin Care Formula
- Helps Fight Wrinkles
- Nourishes, soothes and repairs skin
Paraben Free & Gluten Free
- Free of SLES
Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate
- Free of SLS Sodium Laureth Sulfate
- No Animal Ingredients, No Animal Test
- No Harsh man-made chemicals
- No Perfumes, no dyes, or color additives
- Dermatologically Tested Ingredients
- Gentle & Potent; Pure & Natural
- Natural cream color from olive oil beeswax
- Eco-Friendly
- Made in Italy   
SuperCrema Multi-Purpose Cream
SuperCrema | SuperCream Skincare
SuperCrema Moisturizing Cream
SuperCrema Restorative Cream
SuperCrema Ultra-Nourishing Cream
SuperCrema Natural Face Cream
SuperCrema Olive Oil Skincare Cream
SuperCrema Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream
SuperCrema Dry Skin Cream
SuperCrema Mature Skin Cream
SuperCrema Sensitive Skin Cream
SuperCrema Potent Face Cream
SuperCrema Ultra Rich Body Cream
SuperCrema Italian Skincare Cream
SuperCrema All-Over Skincare Cream
SuperCrema Natural Face & Body Cream
SuperCrema For Dry Winter Skin
SuperCrema Deep Nourishment Cream
SuperCrema Hands Cream, Feet Cream
SuperCrema Hydrating Cream
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Bio-Natural Skincare
Precious Bio-Natural Creamy Oil - Face & Body
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Bio-Natural Skincare - 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
SuperCrema Multifunctional
For All Types of Skins
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