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All Natural Skin Cream
Multi-Purpose Cream
Potent Skin Formula
Face & Body Cream
Dry & Sensitive Skin
Baby & Mature Skin

Italy’s Potent Skin Care Formula |

100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

SuperCrema® Skin Care

Precious Bio-Natural Creamy-Oil from Italy

with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Moisturizing – Nourishing – Soothing – Emollient – Protective

SuperCrema Skincare:
No Parabens
No Gluten
No Colorants
No Animal Test
No Animal Fats
No Chemicals
No Mineral Oils
No Perfumes
No Toxins
No Latex


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Skin Care

With Organic
Extra Virgin
Olive Oil &

Multi-Purpose Skin Cream
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SuperCrema is feautured on the book “The Healing Powers of Olive Oil” by Cal Orey

About SuperCrema

Key Benefits

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SuperCrema® Skincare is Italy’s most
potent and precious bio-natural creamy oil
for face & body. SuperCrema focuses on
the amazing benefits of its 100% all natural
ingredients: Italian Organic Extra Virgin
Olive Oil, Organic Honey, Beeswax, Green
Tea and Avocado Oil  – rich in antioxidants
vitamins A, B, K and E and in anti-aging
SuperCrema is formulated with
the highest grade and purest Italian organic
extra virgin olive oil that is up to 85% of the
entire formula, which results in a super
creamy balm that deeply moisturizes,
nurtures and intensively hydrates the skin.
SuperCrema is for the entire family. It is
indicated for all skin types, and especially
suitable for very dry, sensitive and mature
skins; and gentle for baby skin too!
SuperCrema is produced in Italy by BluEder.
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uperCrema® Skincare
– 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive  Oil
– Organic Italian Honey; Green Tea
– Natural Anti-Aging Properties
– 100% All Natural Ingredients
– Natural Antioxidants
– Potent Anti-Aging Skin Care Formula
– Helps Fight Wrinkles
– Nourishes, soothes and repairs skin
Paraben Free & Gluten Free
– Free of SLES 
Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate
– Free of SLS Sodium Laureth Sulfate
– No Animal Ingredients, No Animal Test
– No Harsh man-made chemicals
– No Perfumes, no dyes, or color additives
– Dermatologically Tested Ingredients
– Gentle & Potent; Pure & Natural
– Natural cream color from olive oil beeswax
– Eco-Friendly
– Made in Italy        

SuperCrema Multi-Purpose Creamy-Oil
SuperCrema | SuperCream Skincare
SuperCrema Moisturizing Cream
SuperCrema Restorative Cream
SuperCrema Ultra-Nourishing Cream
SuperCrema Natural Face Cream
SuperCrema Olive Oil Skincare Cream
SuperCrema Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream
SuperCrema Dry Skin Cream
SuperCrema Mature Skin Cream
SuperCrema Sensitive Skin Cream
SuperCrema Potent Face Cream
SuperCrema Ultra Rich Body Cream
SuperCrema Italian Skincare Cream
SuperCrema All-Over Skincare Cream
SuperCrema Natural Face & Body Cream
SuperCrema For Dry Winter Skin
SuperCrema Deep Nourishment Cream
SuperCrema Hands Cream, Feet Cream
SuperCrema Hydrating Cream

From the Blog:

How To Know If PABX Phone Service Is For You

How To Know If PABX Phone Service Is For You


If you’re thinking about switching to a PABX phone service, then it’s important to know what exactly makes it so special. It’s also important to understand why some people choose this kind of phone service over other options and whether or not it will fit into your budget or lifestyle. In this article, we’ll explain everything there is about PABX phone services so that when the time comes for making such an important decision—whether you decide on one or many—you’ll be able to make an informed decision based upon all available information.

What Exactly Is a PABX Phone Service?

PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. A PABX phone service is used to connect multiple phones, allowing for multiple lines to be connected to your business. It’s a private network that isn’t connected to the public network and can be used to connect multiple phone lines within your office or home. Pabx Price are also cheaper and affordable to get.

When you are looking into purchasing an in-house PBX system, you should consider whether or not this type of phone service would be right for your business needs. If it doesn’t seem like it will work out well with your current setup, then there may not be much point in trying something new when all you need is more flexibility than what’s currently available at this time (and likely won’t happen until later).

Is a PABX Phone Service Right for You?

A PABX phone service is a private branch exchange (PBX) that allows you to connect multiple lines and phones together. This can be helpful for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses that need to handle large volumes of calls and corporations looking to streamline their communications infrastructure.

The first step in choosing whether or not a PABX phone service is right for you is understanding what it is and how it works. If your company has multiple locations or employees who use different numbers at different times, then this could be ideal for them!

How Can I Obtain a PABX Phone Service?

  • Find a service provider.
  • Find out if you can get a free trial.
  • Find out if they offer a free service.
  • What’s the contract like? If there are hidden fees, how do I know?
  • You can visit their website to buy PABX Phone and Machines.

Find out if this kind of phone service is right for you and where to go to get your own.

A PABX phone service is a great way to have a single number that rings through to multiple lines. It’s also helpful if you want to use one phone number for all of your voice-over IP (VOIP) devices and services, so that each call seems like it’s coming from the same place.

If this sounds like something that would help with your business, then there are some things that you should look out for before signing up:

  • Look at the features offered by each company in order to make sure they fit within your needs. Some providers offer things like caller ID, call waiting, voicemail transcripts and more; others may only include basic calling features such as ringback tones or caller ID options on their plans. If possible try getting quotes from multiple companies first so that you can compare costs side-by-side easily!


So, do you think you’d benefit from a PABX phone service? If so, then it’s worth checking out the different options available to you. There are many different types of companies that offer these services and they all have slightly different prices depending on what kind of service they provide. In addition, some companies only provide their services within an area while others can be used anywhere in the world – making them more convenient than ever before!

Home Security Tips – Use Pin, Keypad Or Biometric?

Home Security Tips – Use Pin, Keypad Or Biometric?

Pin, Keypad Or Biometric: Which Should You Choose?


Biometric entry, keypad entry and pin entry are the three most common methods used to secure your home. The best way to choose between these methods is based on how large or small your home is.

  • Biometric: This is by far the most secure method because it requires a person’s unique fingerprint or face recognition to be used as a password. It can also be used in larger buildings where multiple doors need to be secured with minimal effort by only one person (such as in hospitals). However, biometrics may not work well if someone has been trained on how they should enter their house/apartment/building—for example if there are several different people living there who don’t know each other well enough yet then you may have trouble getting them all set up correctly!
  • Pin: This method uses a numeric code which must match up with both sides of the door before opening it; however this means that if someone wants access without knowing which number corresponds with yours then all they’ll have do is pick another random number from whatever list exists out there somewhere else which could lead back down some very dark roads indeed…

Different Types of Access Control Devices

There are four types of access control devices: PIN code, password entry, rfid card entry and biometric entry.

PIN codes are the most common type of access control device in use today. They’re used to enter a building and they’re usually associated with an individual’s ID card or key fob (if you have one). If your home has a separate door for deliveries, this may be where your delivery person uses their card to unlock it when they deliver something to your doorstep.

Password entry is another option for controlling who comes into your house or office; it simply requires entering a certain password at point of entry before being able to enter through another area inside the building/office space that has been pre-approved by security personnel beforehand!

PIN Code

PIN codes are the most common type of access control device, but they’re also susceptible to social engineering attacks and brute force attacks. A hacker can gain access to a PIN by pretending he or she is you, calling your phone and asking for a password. A PIN code is easy to remember and easy to use, but there are many ways people can compromise your security by exploiting weaknesses in these systems:

  • Social engineering: An attacker may pose as an employee or other trusted party who needs help accessing something important; this could be done over the phone or face-to-face through information gathering techniques like asking questions about personal details (e.g., name, age) or using body language cues such as eye contact when speaking directly into your ear (which might indicate weakness).
  • Brute force: If someone knows all possible combinations of numbers and letters used on a set of keys without any patterning at all then they can guess them all very quickly with no difficulty whatsoever! This method works because it requires little more than knowledge about what letter comes first alphabetically next after each other letter within words/phrases…it’s called word frequency analysis 🙂

Password Entry

Password entry is the most common access control device, and it’s easy to use. It’s also not very secure, though. For example:

  • A password can be easily guessed or stolen by someone who knows your name and birthday (or has access to your computer).
  • The same person could enter their own code over and over again until they got it right every time—which means that if you have a large number of users who need frequent access, this method may not be effective in keeping them out as much as you’d like.

RFID Card Entry

RFID technology is a popular way to control access to buildings, rooms or vehicles. You can use an RFID card to unlock doors and gain entry into secure areas.

There are several types of RFID devices:

  • Key fobs – These are small plastic discs that you carry on your person and use when opening doors or operating machinery
  • Master keys – These allow authorized people to enter multiple locations using the same key fob at different times (such as overnight lockouts)

Biometric Entry, Face Recognition Entry

Biometric sensors are a more secure way to identify people than pin codes and passwords. They use the unique features on your face, fingerprints or retina scans to identify you when you enter a building. If someone wants to get into your house or car without using their own key, they’ll need both an access code and biometrics information about you in order for it to work correctly—but only if those two pieces of data match up with each other!

Biometric sensors can also be used as an alternative form of entry for doors: instead of entering through a lock (which requires both hands), instead use facial recognition software that allows users access by simply pointing at something (like a wall) – this could save them time having trouble finding keys under couch cushions!

A burglar alarm system can’t stop an intruder, but it can be a useful tool for scaring off uninvited guests.

A burglar alarm system can’t stop an intruder, but it can be a useful tool for scaring off uninvited guests.

Burglars are not likely to take the time to figure out how to disarm your siren or motion detector if they’re looking for valuables inside your home. In fact, most burglars will avoid breaking into homes with active burglar alarms altogether because it scares them away from what they’re looking for in the first place (which could be anything).

That being said, there are some situations when you might want a burglar alarm anyway: You live alone and have no family members around who could help you fight off an attacker; Or maybe there’s someone living at one end of your property who hasn’t been invited over yet—a new roommate maybe? Or maybe even just someone who wants extra security without having any responsibility themselves! Click Here to to Buy Latest Access Control Machines.

Home Security Tools: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Home Security Tools: It's Not as Difficult as You Think


Home security tools are one of the best ways to keep your home safe and secure. They help you prevent burglars, intruders, and other types of threats from breaking into your home. Home security tools includes Security Camera, Fire Extinguisher, Burglar Alarm, Smoke Detector, Fire Detector etc can be a lifesaver for you but it is important that you know how to use them properly so that they do not become a burden on your life.

Home Security Tools: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

It’s not as difficult as you think. There are many tools available to help you, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them.

If you’re just getting started with home security and want one tool that does everything, try one of the following:

  • Google Home/Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa (or Echo) speakers

The Most Common Fears About Home Security Tools

  • Fear of being watched.
  • Fear of being burglarized.
  • Fear of being attacked.
  • Fear of being trapped.
  • Fear that you’ll be alone in the house when you need help most, like during an emergency or after a natural disaster (think: hurricanes).

The list goes on and on… but these are some common fears that homeowners have when it comes to home security tools!

10 Ways To Avoid Home Security Tools Burnout

As you might already know, home security tools are a great way to ensure that your family and possessions are protected. However, when it comes to choosing the right one for you, there are some important things to keep in mind before making an investment. Here are 10 ways that we can help you avoid home security tools burnout. You can go to our website to find more about.

Home Security Tools Shortcuts – The Easy Way.

  • Use the same password for all your accounts. This is one of the most important steps in securing your online accounts and it’s easy to skip this step, but it’s also one of the most important ones. If you use the same password for all your online accounts, then if someone gets hold of one of them (either accidentally or maliciously), they’ll still be able to log into all of them using that single account!
  • Use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password. These programs can generate secure passwords for each web service or app that you use (and they’re free!) so that when someone tries to hack into one account on their computer or phone, they’ll have access only while logged into those specific websites/apps—which means they won’t get past any other services unless another security measure has been implemented like two-factor authentication (2FA). You can also use them along with some handy tips below:
  • Create unique passwords for every single site/app in which case anyone who gains access could potentially gain access everywhere else too;
  • Avoid reusing old passwords unless absolutely necessary because changing one website could affect others as well;

Top 3 Quotes On Home Security Tools.

  • Home security tools are not difficult to use.
  • Home security tools are not expensive.
  • Home security tools can be installed easily and maintained regularly, which reduces the cost of ownership significantly over time.

9 Tips That Will Make You Guru In Home Security Tools.

  • Home security tools are not as difficult as you think
  • Home security tools are easy to install and use
  • Home security tools are affordable
  • Home security tools are easy to use and install
  • Home security tools are easy to purchase

Your home is a place where you should feel safe and secure at all times.

You should feel safe and secure at all times. Your home is a place where you should be able to relax and enjoy your time off, or use it as an escape from the stresses of everyday life. However, there are times when it’s important to know that someone will be there if something goes wrong in your house.

Home security systems are designed to help protect people who live alone or with their families while they’re away from their homes on vacation or business trips. They can also offer added protection from intruders—and even criminals who might try breaking into houses through windows or doors if no one’s around during regular visiting hours (which is often).

The best thing about these devices is how easy they make things for homeowners: no matter what type of alarm system you choose from our list below, all of them come equipped with remote access technology so users can arm themselves against potential intruders who might go after valuable items such as jewelry boxes full of cash (which would make sense; after all).


You can always improve your home security by installing a smart lock or a home automation system. But, don’t forget that having the right tools at hand sometimes make all the difference in keeping your family safe. So, We hope above Article Revels the topic about Home Security Tools: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think.

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